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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Does it Make Me a Bad Friend.............?

This week has been crazy and it's only Wednesday. Work, work, work... Practice, practice, Practice. Looking forward to the weekend, even though that is going to be crazy. My parents are getting ready to go to Florida to visit by bother, so I have to some how make time in my busy schedule to go to PA and get the cat. I was invited to go camping, which would be cool to get away, but too much going on. Plus I would want to go camping with a special someone.. and well.. that will not happen.

Yesterday we had a softball game.. and well... we played very well.. But still lost by 1 point. We needed one more run to tie it up, but the next batter was supposed to be a female that didn't show up, so we had to take an out. I probably could have ran into home, but the 3rd base coach said no.. no.. no.. So I didn't go. OOh well there is always next week. After the game we chilled for a long time.. and got some Jamaican food. I made plans to hang out with ol' boy, but I kind of stood him up. I feel very bad for that, but things come up sometimes. Does it make me a bad friend? I hope not, because I mean it's not like anybody has ever done that to me before.. a million times.....(sarcasm) I missed the phone call because I was on the bike.. then I got the text message way after It came to my phone... I guess that would be why definite plans would be nice.. Because if you wait around for the plans to be made something may come up... ooh well.. just a thought. I'm sure there will be other times. I believe the same thing kind of happened to me Monday.. so I'm not stressing.

random thoughts

In regards to my last random thought:
The curse of the guilty conscience?......... or is it?
A few people asked if the random thought was because of them.. Guilty?... or not guilty? I not only put it in the blog, but I voiced it to many people, in such a way that I could judge their reaction. I like to see myself as being a good judge of deception due to the nature of the people I am around all of the time.. I mean look at how the government operates.. Most of my friends fill the billet possible deceiver billet.. I guess you have to figure out if you are being deceptive.. Perception is reality.... Because what people believe to be true.. is 99% of the time the truth..
Do people perceive me as being deceptive?... I'd like to think not, but only they can be the judge of that. I like to be honest and straight forward, because I don't want there to be that gray area. I want people to be able to trust that i'm not doing things because I think it will make them happy (work)... or living a double life and just not telling them about it(friends).... I keep all things in the open... good? or bad?.. I think its good.. There is no telling the co-worker one thing and telling the boss the complete opposite. There is no telling my friends that I'm going to be out of town this weekend, when I'm actually in town but have plans with someone else that I don't want them to know about.. I'm only comparing the friends being deceptive to my guy friends... Maybe because I have so many of them.. Maybe I feel that guys are deceptive because they always try to hide things about other girls.. Where I'm just like.. fuck it.. the more they know about them.. the more they trust me and me hanging out with them.. Because if ever I am in that situation where I would be in a relationship with one of them I want them to trust that my other guy friends are just my friends....
The first thing I heard Monday morning when coming into work was.. Did you hear about what happened to the Steelers Quarterback? At first I'm thinking ooh maybe something happened and since I'm from PA they feel as though they have to tell me. Well he was in a bad motorcycle accident... and since I ride motorcycles they wanted to make sure I know what happened.
In this situation.. I feel bad because it happened, but I don't feel bad for what happened to him. He made the choice to not put on protective gear. If he had been wearing a helmet i'm sure he wouldn't have had half as many injuries. I do not fell much compassion for people that choose to be stupid. If you are going to assume the risk of riding a motorcycle the least you can do is protect yourself by any means possible.

Why do those states allow people to not wear a helmet?
What if you were that person that hit somebody on a motorcycle because they darted in your lane too quick for you to react and get out of the way, and they were not wearing a helmet therefore becoming killed or injured badly? A fall at a low rate of speed could very well kill you or cause major damage much easier without a helmet, then it would with a helmet. Think about it......

well it's time for me to get to work.

Have a Blessed Day....


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