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Monday, June 05, 2006

A Changed Woman...... Well Kind Of.

Yep... Today was Monday. Typical craziness at work. I like it because it makes the day go so fast. I got a nice 3 mile run in at lunch time. That was so what I needed. I almost forgot how great running is to relieve stress. I've had a sprained foot and wasn't supposed to start running again till the 14th of June... But I never listen to the doctor. I had to get out there and do the damn thing... I just knew it would help make me feel better about all of the things that happened recently.

Since me and ol' boy aren't talking anymore I have nobody to email all day during work. I resisted the overwhelming temptation not to email him.. But I read his old emails like a million times. So I decided that I over reacted and probably could have saved myself a little stress... I spent most of my day working for once but the rest of the time I spent reading DCSportbikes.net and looking for people with common interested on this blogger thing. I found some really interesting blogs.. I think it's going to be a new passion of mine for a little. I get bored with things rather quickly.. Hopefully this blogging will keep my attention like motorcycle riding does.

Today when I got home from work I decided that I needed something else to help me get away from the stresses of life.. So I decided to go get my hair cut, eyebrows waxed, and nails done. There is something about being pampered that is so great for the mind, body, and soul. I loved every second of it.. Now instead of having 3ft of hair I have 2ft 9in... It was just a trim. I'm getting myself ready for the next time I go out. I have to look good.... Better then before.. Because who is going to care about me better then me?

Then I get home and now I'm typing this blog and contemplating a few things.. Do I go home this weekend and pick up my kitty from my parents house, or do I stay in town and celebrate my friend's birthday with her.... I guess I have all week to figure it out... Do I want to go out and do something tonight?.... Well I want to, but the thing is finding one of my friends that wants to go out.... Ol' boy was Mr. Reliable when it came out to week night drinking escapades. Man I really need to find a new drinking buddy. I need someone to take to Gazuza with me so we can drink Mojitos and smoke Sheesha. I can't very well do that alone... Last time I was alone in that place this guy just wanted to take me home to make out with me... eww... Where did he get such a crazy idea..

I spent a good amount of my day today looking at colleges... yep that's right.. It's time for me to get the ball rolling on this whole college thing.... I have 3 areas of study that I am interested in, but can't seem to choose one. It's either going to be Advertising, Graphic Design, or Photography. I'm leaning more away from getting the degree in Photography and maybe just end up taking some classes, because something about making a hobby a job.. Might not be good. So it's kind of narrowed to Advertising and Graphic Design.. Ooh the choices. I have a few good options around here.. But the problem is getting time to take the classes because of my military job. I'm looking into Academy of Art University (online), George Mason University, Art Institute of Washington DC, or Corcoran College of Art and Design. OOh the choices...

Well I'm going to figure out what I'm doing tonight and get myself ready for tomorrow.. It's a big day.. We have a playoff game in Volleyball and then in the evening I have a softball game..

Have a blessed day


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