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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Successful evening...........

Well last night was the night.. I was nervous and excited. Ol' boy and I finally were going to get together and talk about things. It ended up being a good night with good conversation and intoxication.

I started of my night by finishing my bottle of White Zinfandel, then filling up the "Pimp Chalice" with some Amaretto and Coke and heading out to DC to meet up with ol' boy. Our plan is to hit up our regular spot, Gazuza, and have some Sushi, shisha, for me Mojitos, and for him Bombay and Tonic. We are seated outside on the patio. That was my first time out there, and I really enjoyed it. It was a beautiful night to be outside. We have fun playing with our food... Having our drinks and once the shisha I finished we decide to go to the next spot.

As we are walking down the street we decide to check out Five. Ol' boy felt like dancing.. I think it was the music at Gazuza that did it. So we walk in and he the music, then walk out. Not really what we were looking for. So we continue down the street and decide to check out Ozio. A martini sounded nice. So we go there and have a few drinks.. We finished off with a Surfer on Acid.. Man that drink will make you forget where you are.. Now it's off to ESL, another regular spot. We can't go to Dupont without stopping at ESL and Gazuza.. It just always happens.

While at ESL we hang out.. Have drinks and here comes the conversation.. I think we have both had enough to drink... So I believe that I spring out the conversation. Always good to wait till the end of the night to have those conversations just in case if they go bad. If they go bad then both parties go home and call it a night. If they go good.. You had a good night and finished it off with a good conversation. Now I feel as though we had a good conversation. My night ended well. I remember most of the conversation.. Now the question is does he? I'm still a little unsettled because there are still a lot of things up in the air.. But I'm content with leaving things how they are and whatever happens, happens. Like I said before.. I learned from my mistakes so a part of "our destiny" ... Whatever that may be... Will be determined by how we learn from the past. So the question is... Are we on friend status? Or Are we on more then friend status? I guess it doesn't matter because we are friends.

After the conversation we decide to head home. I take him to his house and he gets his car and heads to my place. After he gets here we talk a bit... I think.. This is where my memory starts to go away.. I was pretty faded by this point... Then we go to sleep. I was so tired.. Or drunk that I just passed out with my skirt and shirt that I wore to the club.. I woke up at 730 thinking that I was late for work.. And realized that it was a Saturday and I didn't have to work.. Then went back to sleep. I should have stayed up so I would make it to softball practice, but I fell asleep and woke up late for softball practice. No big deal, but I really wanted to go. Around 10 ol' boy wakes up and heads out because he has to go to work.

Now I think I'm going to take a shower and go to Pennsylvania to pick up kitty from my Mom's place. I miss him.

Till next time.. Happy Blogging...

Have a Blessed Day


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