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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sleep...... What's Sleep?

I <3 Wednesday. It's the half way point to the weekend, Rockas International plays at at ESL, and I have a little time to ride if the weather is nice. What more can a girl ask for?

My day at work consisted of attempting to fill out some forms. The key word being attempt. Department of Defense forms can be so complicated sometimes. Towards the end of the day the emails started rolling in from ol' boy. We had good conversation, so good that I stayed at work an extra hour just to continue the conversation. Then we both came to conclusion that it will be better if we have a real life, face to face discussion. I feel as though they are always most productive. People can type one thing and the recieving end could interperet it the entire wrong way. Where as in person, you can see their facial expressions, hear the tonal changes in their voice, and get a feel of how they are feeling. It looks as though this meeting may happen Friday. I'm excited and nervous all in the same. Will I say something wrong? Will things be like nothing ever happened? Will it be like the first time meeting? I guess only time can tell.

I realized last night that I have been a really bad friend for the last few months. I got a call a few days ago from a good friend of mine and she was like.... Hey it's Jacky's Birthday on Wednesday we are all getting together at Bennigans. I have been neglecting these two lovely ladies for the past few months, so I felt really bad but I couldn't pass up the offer. I didn't see Jacky in forever.. What a better way to re-ignite an old friendship then to show up at a birthday gathering. I called her and told her that I'm going to crash her get together and she was like... I can't wait to see you, it's been forever. So after I get back from picking up my motorcycle tags in Woodbridge, I make arrangements for the evening and get ready to go to Jacky's Birthday gathering.

My plan was to go to Bennigans at 8, but I got busy making evening plans so I left my house an hour later then I expected. Once I got there it was like a reunion. I was so excited to be with Jacky celebrating her 21st Birthday. I was also shocked that she wasn't drunk yet. About an hour after I got there Quan showed up. We talked about old times and I promissed to be a better friend and go out with them more often. We always had such a good time going out, but we could only go to some places because she was not 21 yet. Now I can take her to my spots.

Before I went to Bennigans I made my plans for the late evening. I spoke with my friend from Monday Night and told him about Rockas International at ESL. My friend was like... hmmmm I think I might be interested. I told him that it's a chill atmosphere and just an overall good experience. He said that he should really be working on his paper for college. So him being the rational one, said that he could work on his paper before going and then a little after he gets home. I told him that I should be in DC at around 1030 - 1100, and I offered a ride. I was like hopefully I don't get lost tring to find the place. Well I maybe because it's Wednesday (the best night of the week) or just luck, but I find his neighborhood without getting lost one time. I'm so shocked. I never go to new places in DC without being lost. I'm waiting in the car for him to come to my car, I have no clue which direction he is coming from. Then he appears out of nowhere and we're off.

We arrive at ESL and it's not crowded at all. There were hardly any people there. My first thoughts were, No problem getting drinks tonight. (not like ol' boy and I ever had problems in the first place, I guess it pays to know the entire staff) Then I glanced outside, and yep... That's where all the people were. This was my first time seeing Rockas International perform on the Patio. My friend and I venture to the bar and he gets a Red Stripe and I get my new usual (Bombay and Sprite). I was definitely feeling the whole vibe. I think that the outdoor setting just adds to the vibe. I enjoy them playing inside, but not as much as outside. I told my friend that it reminded me of a roof party in NYC at someone's house. My friend really enjoyed the vibe and said that he thinks he found his Wednesday spot. The night continues with random conversation, drinks, and people watching. ESL has such a diverse crowd, so it makes for good people watching. When the band takes a break I decide to give the tour.

Here I go giving a tour like I am the duty expert. I think I took lessons from the best. I get my proper ESL etiquette trianing from ol' boy, he is the duty expert. I attempt to show him all of the rooms, but they are all closed except for the patio, the dancing room, and the sofa room on the first floor. I point out where the other rooms are and give a brief explination of the vibe for that particular room (all based on my opinion of course). Then I show him where the bathrooms are and we make our way back to the patio. I almost felt like I was showing someboy my house. It's great. That place is so much like home.

The performance got more of a roots and culture vibe and we found some seats, so it couldn't have been better. Then they played their last song and we finished our drinks and headed out. We walk to my car and start driving back to Adams Morgan area to drop off my friend. I dropped him off, he gave my hasty directions, and I was off. He told me to call him when I get to a point where I know I won't get lost, so I get on 14th St past the circle and call him to inform him I am at a known location. Then I get home and chill out for a little then it's off to bed for me. I think I went to sleep around 4. I set 3 different alarms so that I would be sure not to wake up late.

I'm a little tired today, I'm almost considering sleeping when I get home instead of going out for a ride to herndon tonight. But who needs sleep? I think I got a collective 5 hours of sleep all week.

Well now I shall get to work....

Have a Blessed Day.


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