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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Me.. Lost Lost in DC...... Always


After I posted my blog yesterday I decided to get one the phone/computer and see what was good for the night's events. I really didn't feel like sitting at home.. Heck I just got my hair and nails done.. It was time to go out and stir up the city. The first person on the agenda was my best guy friend.. The guy that I have known since before I got here.. He is the one that showed me my first bunch of nights out in DC. I figured why not see what he is getting into.

We talked and he was at home drinking so I tried to see if he seemed enthusiastic about going out.. While we are talking I get a message on myspace from this kid that lives in DC. He was like yeah I went to this 2 day reggae Fest in New York, Morgan Heritage was there (he knows I love Morgan Heritage from my myspace page) I was like.. I so hate you because a bunch of my favorite artists were there


Wow yesterday was crazy with work, meetings, and games... Now I have to remember where I left off..

He then proceeded to tell me about Miami Monday's at Felix in Adams Morgan. I have never been out to Adams Morgan other then just to visit my friend that lives out there. I haven't been to any of the bars or clubs out there... So I decide it would be cool to check it out. Heck I wanted to get out of the house anyway. So I call him up and am like ok well I'm going to check it out. As I'm driving I rely on a map from Google Maps... Because I wanted to find the quickest way to get there.. Well let me tell you how much of a disaster that was. I ended up getting lost in DC once again. I swear every time I go out by myself and I'm trying to find a new place I get lost. I was going around and around in circles trying to get on the roads I needed to be on.. Then I called up the kid and was like I'm lost tell me how to get there. He then gave me directions.

So I arrive at the place and have a seat at the bar... I'm feeling like a lush by now.. Because I'm sitting all alone at the bar drinking Bombay and Sprite. I think that's my new favorite drink for a little. Various people come and try to talk to me, but I have no interest in talking to them. So I continue to sit there and reply to text messages from ol' boy. The conversation seems to be going well despite the fact that my phone had bad reception, and then my battery on my phone dies. After I'm half way through my Bombay and Sprite the kid that told me about the spot shows up. I was like hey I thought they were going to be playing Reggae... He said they will just wait. So we sit there and talk about motorcycles and reggae music. It was such great conversation. Then they start playing the reggae music. It was the highlight of my evening. He ventures off to talk to some of his friends and I continue to drink my Bombay and Sprite. Next thing you know the bar tender starts pouring alcohol in 2 shot glasses and hands me one. I was like what's this.... He said just drink it.. So I drank it..... OOh My God.. What did I just drink? Eww.. This dude gave me a shot of Bombay.. Bombay is cool.. But not really good as a straight shot. But I have to give him props for giving me a shot. Then dude shows back up and I tell him about the bartender making me drink the Bombay and we laugh and share more conversation about reggae music and motorcycles.

Well it starts getting late and they make last call and start kicking people out so I told dude that I could drop him off so he didn't have to walk home and he was like nah that's cool... And I said .. I insist. So I drop him off and he tries to tell me the most direct way to get home... Well Somehow I managed to Mess that up and turn down a bunch of wrong roads and get way lost. So, I call him up and am like.. yo... I'm lost again. He laughs and guides me to roads I know. By the time I get home it's like 4:00 and I have to get up for work at 6:00. So I pass out and wake up for work.

Off to work I go.. Work ended up being very busy. The day went by very fast because I was so busy. In the early morning I have text message conversation with ol' boy and I'm shocked because he is up that early.. But it ends up ending on a good note. Lunch time comes around so it's time for the Volleyball game.. We were playing our first game in the losers bracket... Man we were kicking butt the first game.. We beat them by a few points.. Then I don't know what happened, but I think it was a lack of communication and a mix of stress from the pressure, but we end up losing the 2nd game by a point. It's cool because we have another game because it's the best of 3. This game ends up being neck and neck. The pressure is on.. And the other teams are all in there talking trash. Now we have a few over competitive people on the team.. And I think they messed it up for everybody.. The go over stressed and caused people to just make stupid mistakes because they didn't want to mess anything up. We ended up losing by 2 points. No big deal.. Because it was just all in good fun. We played well and had a good time for the season.

Then it was back to work. I end up sitting in meetings all afternoon discussing our budget and things like that. Now seeing that I only had like 2 hours of sleep I started getting very sleepy during these meetings.. But I managed to make it. 4:45 rolls around and I'm like man I really need to get out of here because I have a softball game to get ready for. So head out and over to my girls house so we can ride to the softball game together.

Now see I never played softball in my life, I just figured it would be fun to get out there and play. Plus they really need females for the team. I started the season and couldn't catch, or throw, but was ok at hitting. I recruited my girl to play and she was like I'll teach you how to play. She has been playing since she was a kid. So she shows me how to throw the ball properly and after my third throw she was like.. Dang you made such an improvement in a short amount of time. I felt good about that. Well the first inning of our game we were all messing up and let the other team score a lot. Then we pulled our heads out of our behinds and started playing. We ended up losing by 4 but that was all due to the fact that we played like crap the first inning, and the umpire made some bad calls. After the game my girl was like, let's go to the batting cages. So we go hit a few balls around and then head home.

By now I'm pretty much exhausted with work, volleyball, and softball. I just needed time to sit down and relax. I make some dinner and then fire up the hookah. There is nothing better then sitting on the sofa smoking the hookah after dinner with some wine. I thought about finishing my blog post but was too tired to look at the computer screen and type so I just chilled. Then ol' boy starts texting me and this time we have a conversation that catches me way off guard. I don't really know how to take it. He wanted me to come out and chill, but I was too tired to go out. Eventually he tells me that he misses me.. And I tell him that I feel the same way. Now see I don't want to fuck things up.. Because if he wants to be friends and that is it.. Then I'm cool with it, but if he wants to be more then friends I'll wait till he is ready, because I'm not sure if I'm ready for the whole relationship thing. I mean I wasn't in the first place but got sucked into wanting to. Now I adapt to the situation and I do whatever feels right to me. It felt right so I allowed myself to get attached. It caused me much stress for a few days but as of right now we are back on the whole friend level.. I think.. If something more comes of it someday then it happens.. If not then it doesn't. My last major words to him for the evening were make sure you do what feels right to you. So I guess one of these days we are going to actually sit down and talk about this whole situation like two grown adults. I'm looking forward to this very much. Because I am interested to see how things play out. If nothing else.. I will be happy with being friends, but I don't want to lose a friend through the whole situation. If it's something more then that's great too.

I had a lot of time to think about things during our little break and I realized a lot of things. I learned that I can't just give up on my friends because there is a guy in the picture. I did that on my own free will, because I felt as though it would be wrong if I was hanging out with my friends, because most of them are guys. I think that if you are in a trusting relationship then it wouldn't matter if your friends are guys or girls. I also learned that giving people space, and being flexible are important. Things always come up at the last minute, so sometimes you just have to adapt and overcome. Life is a learning process, and the only way to find out is to try. Also, prayer helps. God is always there to listen. He will always guide you..

On that note I'm going to start getting my work done...

Have a blessed day.

and one more thing.. My flush mount turn signals came in so I'm going to put them on today, and I got some info from one of my prospective schools. It's going to be a good day.


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