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Monday, June 12, 2006

Freedom of the Open Road

Since I last posted things have been well. I got to zoom down the open roads, enjoy some nice beverages and conversation, and get a little sleep. What more can a girl ask for. I should have spent my Sunday morning doing chores around the house, but something about taking my bike out seems more appealing. Of course If I would have got out of bed before 1:30 in the afternoon I would have been able to do some chores also. Sleep was sounding all too nice to pass it up.

Saturday I went for a nice long ride around Great Falls with a riding buddy of mine. The most interesting thing about this guy is his introvertedness. He is always game to go riding, but in a period of like 5 hours he hardly talks at all. He is a good listener, I guess, but don't expect feedback. He is cool and I enjoy riding with him. We started our journey in Herndon then ventured to Great Falls area, tried to carve out some canyons but there have to be slow cars all over the place. Then we ventured down some other roads we didn't know that ended up being very exhilarating. I love leaning my bike through those S-curves. After we decide to head back I tell my friend I'm breaking off early and heading into DC. I was hungry so I decided I wanted something un-American to eat. What a better place to go then Adams Morgan on a Saturday Evening, early. I called up my homeboy that lives right down the road and tell him I'm in the area. He was like cool stop by when you get done eating. So I eat some Curry Chicken, and smoke some Mango Shisha at Prince Cafe while texting some of my friends to find out what is good for the evening. When I get finished I call my friend and tell him I'm on the way. He gives me directions and I get on the bike and am off. So I get to his block, keep in mind that I have no clue what house is his. I always just meet him outside. I get out my PEBLE (phone) to call him so I can tell him I'm there and the screen goes black. My battery is dead. So I sit around and wait for about 5 to 10 min so by some chance he decides to check outside and see if I got there. No such luck, so I decide to go home and charge up the battery. Once I get home I call him and he was like.. Dang I thought something happened to you, because I know it doesn't take 30 min to get here from Adams Morgan. I explained what happened and begin getting ready. Then I call him and tell him that I'm on my way to pick him up. While enroute my girl calls me and asks for directions to Adams Morgan, what a coincidence we are going there too. I tell her and she decides to meet me and my friend. So we get there, hang out at Felix for a little and make fun of the non-dancing, non-dressing kids have a few drinks then head over to Bukom's. Bukom's is cool because they have a live reggae band, and since I love reggae... I loved the place. Me, my girl, her girl, her dude, and my friend all chill out there drink some red stripe and have a good time. After that we head out. The whole time I'm out in Adams Morgan and I think about what ol' boy always tells me.. On a Friday or Saturday night in Adams Morgan you are going to see at least 3 drunk girls throwing up in the gutter somewhere, police arresting people that got into fights, ambulance taking people away, and some guy pissing in the corner. Well Saturday night was no different. My friend and I laughed about it and I took my friend to his block to drop him off. I drop him off and head home. When I get home I pass out and there is no sight of me till the next day around 1:30.

Sunday I wake up to some text messages. Becky wants me to go ride with them. So I'm like cool let's go. I meet up with them after washing my dishes and we head out west. I had this crazy idea to go out to Harpers Ferry. The roads are great and the area is nice. So we meet up with this guy that knows the way and head out there. Once we get there we decide to eat because we are all starving. So we go to this little pub. This place had ok food, but it was a little expensive for the quality of food and service. I guess since it is in the middle of nowhere they have to pay the bills some way. After we eat we head back to DC Metro area. I tell my friend that I'm going to stop by his place, so I get there like 2 hours later. We chill outside and talk about random things. Then we see these girls that are like 8-12 years old walking down the street. What kind of parents allow their young children to walk down the street at 11 PM? Obviously they don't care about their children that much. We talked about it a little and then decided we were going to ride to the store to get something to eat. He was like, let's take the bike.. I was like... ummmmm I never had a guy on the back of my bike. So I brave it out and we go to the store. Well the store is closed. So what are we going to do now? Well he was like.. let's ride out to Rock Creek Park. I never been there so I was like cool. Now I was taking a ride outside of the city 2-up I was excited and nervous at the same time. The road was nice, dark, and full of twisties. I had a great time, but I was driving a little slow because having a guy on twisties is a challenging thing. I think I did a great job and so does he. So I drop him off and head over to ol' boy's house. We ended up going to the store to get some drinks, and cheese and crackers. It was all good. Then it was time to go to sleep. I set my alarm because I really couldn't afford to wake up late today. 5AM rolls around and I get outside only to see that it is raining and I have to drive home in the rain. No big deal I guess, just have to be more careful. I survived but was freezing by the time I got home.

615.. Off to work I go. Work seemed to never stop today. I really miss my little Lance Coolie being around. He helps me out a lot when it comes to getting jobs done. But I survived and still had time to make it to the gym. Time to go home and relax...

random thought

The worst thing a person can do to is to run across something that maybe they should not have ran across, then continue to look into it. Sometimes it's best to just to walk away and forget you ever saw it. I found myself in that situation today.. And it kind of crushed me for a little. When you tell yourself.. Things are cool.. Things are cool.. And then you find out that maybe they aren't what they seem. There is a lot of deception that goes on in society. People acting one way but are really another, people say things but really mean something else, they tell you what they think you want to hear to make you feel better, or they show you the bad but don't show you the good. Life is a battle of the minds and trying to figure out who's is stronger. The situation finds me very off guard... Confused on what to do... I guess I will have the stronger mind and take it with a grain of salt.. And see what the future will become of it.

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