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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top 10 Things Men Wish Women Knew...but Will Never Tell Them

1. The more available to me you are, the less I want you
2. I often act macho because for my whole life I've been told that this is what you really want.
3. I really do like strong women, as long as they don't use that strength just to bust my balls
4. I don't often talk to you becaue I think you really don't want to hear about my pain.
5. I fear deep, intense relationships because I'm afraid I'll let you manipulate me, and that threatens my masculinity.
6. I feel powerful when I take care of you, but I lose respect for a woman who cannot or will not take care of herself.
7. When I let you have your way, I sometimes hold it against you later.
8. Even though I say you're too emotional, your emotions make me feel alive when I'm with you.
9. When I'm quick to say i'm in love with you, I'll probably be equally quick to leave you.
10. Even though I act tough, I need love just as much as you do, and deep down I'm just as confused about how to find it.
- Carolyn N. Bushong


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