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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random Thoughts for Today

I finally did it.... No musicless metro rides, no more musicless rides (when it get my new bike), and no more musicless workout sessions... I got my new IPOD. Yesterday I spent 4 straight hours finding new music.. 30 gig is a lot more room then my little 4 gig ipod. I'm so excited because now I can put videos and pictures on it. I'm sure I will spend many hours in front of my computer trying to find things to put on it.

I'm kind of getting a little interested in astrology. I never really cared much about my astrology sign and what it means. I always looked at that as being superficial, but recent conversations with various people has sparked an interest. Maybe it will help me to understand maybe why things could possibly play out the way they do.... Just a thought..

My family is planning their annual family picnic, and it's coming up in a few weeks.. I'm so up in the air if I want to go or not.. There are only a few people in my family I really care to see, and that's probably my parents and my grandmothers. My mother told me to bring whoever I want, hmmmm.. Do I really want to take one of my friends to meet the whole family? Most of my friends are guys and I am sure that almost every one of them would get freaked out if I was like hey you wanna go meet my family... I dunno what to do... It's at this amusement park... And I haven't been to one of them in YEARS.. But I really don't want to go alone and my family.. Well... They're not really people I hang out with..... I'll figure it out..... I still have 2 weeks..

So this blog has been sitting n my drafts for 2 days now.. It's about time I publish it and work on a new one..

till next post bloggers...


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