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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July......

So the 4th of July is supposed to be a celebration of our independence. Nowhere does it say it is supposed to be a day full of drama. Now you see.. My day (July 3rd) started off well. I woke up, changed the oil in my bike (with the assistance of Joey) then played some ball. Now I never said I could play ball.. So I let some little kids school me. After that I took Joey home.

During the day I'm changing oil and Brian is text messaging me.. And I can sense in his messages some sense of drama.. Insecurity.. And everything else... He wanted to know if I was going to hang out with him tonight.. I couldn't tell him a time or place because I had no clue what time I would get finished.. Now with him.... I remember many of days sitting around waiting for him to get out of work.. Only for him to call me and tell me he can't make it.. Now I'm the nice person that I am.. And I just kind of let it roll off my back.

Then he starts coming at me with some stuff about Joey.. Now Joey and I are only friends.. As far as I know.. I love Joey to death.. He is the greatest friend ever.. But it is what it is.. We are friends. Hell I don't even know if he has a girlfriend somewhere in the world, and I really don't care... If he does... Cool... If he doesn't... Then that's cool too... I just won't to ever lose that bond we have...I mean we have a lot in common. Like I said before.. I could be naive.. But hey.. I don't know tell I'm told or there is some type of discussion about it.. Why would Brian come at me with stuff like that. .

Well I pick up Joey.. Tell him about the whole situation.. And then he seems a little thrown off by the whole situation.. So Brain is sending the text messages.. And I let Joey read them.. Because at this point I need some guidance from someone.. I can't figure out everything on my own.. I need help figuring out if I'm write or wrong for feeling the way I feel. So Joey sends Brian messages from my phone confirming what I said earlier in regards to Brian having a reason to feel worried about who I like.

So I get home only to find out that Brian went to the extreme and deleted me from his myspace and pretty much told me n the messages that he doesn't want to talk to me anymore.. No is it that easy to just give up a friend?

In my time in the Marine Corps I have found that friends come and friends go.. I have yet to find a real TRUE friend in my life.. Someone that is there for me no matter how many miles are between us...Most people seem to be the coward and run away from things when the start to get hard.


reality check people... Just put a little work and effort into what you want and things will be all good.

well bloggers I really want to continue writing.. But I'm exhausted.. too much drama today.. I need to go to sleep and forget about it all because it's just pissing me off..

I will for sure type more as soon as things calm down a bit..

Have a blessed evening..


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