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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another night

Well.. So tonight my girl and I went to check out this club that my boy was spinning at. .... That was an experience. ... It was a good time none the less. The music was good.. We got to experience Ethopian music... (very interesting) Ethopian guys smell bad and can't dance to music other then their kind.. (well those guys anyway) but when the Reggae started flowing.. It was on point.. :woot: :woot: Then my girl started talkin to these boys which we ended up dropping off so they didn't have to pay for a cab... Well these boys got on my nerves something fierce... Ethopian girls are very beautiful... But once again they can't dance to music other then their own.. I'm shocked that the couldn't even dance to reggae..

well bloggers.. I have to get away from this computer and think about things.. till next time..

maybe I will have figured something out..

have a blessed evening..


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