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Friday, July 28, 2006

Where do you draw the line between being nice, and being too nice?

After a long week and a half of recovery from the accident I decide last night that I need to get out. I've been stuck in the house for too long, I needed to get out to enjoy some reggae music and a few Red Stripes. So my homegirl didn't have to work this morning so I said let's go out. At around 11 I scoop her up and we head out to Adams Morgan..... Ooh you gotta love Adams Morgan... We're walking down the street trying to figure out where we are going, and I suggest Timehri's... or however you spell it... So we are walking by and these 2 old guys decide they are gonna try and holla at my girl.. I'm thinking to myself.. Ooh no here we go.. Then this other dude gives her his number when the other 2 guys are trying to get her number. I'm thinking damn people.. Can you be more pathetic?... So we go across the street to Bukom Cafe.. In there we have a drink.. It was chill. After our drink we walk back to Timehri's. There aren't too many people in there at this point, so it's cool. We get drinks and chill. Next thing you know a few guys try talkin to ol' girl. I'm just chillen minding my own business... Enjoying the music... So I get this glimpse of a guy out of the corner of my eye.. And I tell her.. That guy is a little cute. So a few minutes later she goes over there to talk to him. She comes back and informs me that cute boy was married but he wanted to dance with me.. And I was like... Nah I'm cool I don't really want to dance right. So time goes by and some other guy comes over and tries to buy the both of us drinks. He was being very cool and respectable. I was grateful of that. Because I was sick of hearing the cheezie pick up lines that people were sayin to my girl.. This guy was just tryin to have conversation... So I entertained the situation. We sat there and talked and laughed about how everybody was tryin to holla at ol girl. Then she vanishes to the dance floor. Next thing you know the lights come on... And it's time to go home. I'm excited by this point. I'm like cool I can go home and take my pain meds... Well once we get outside of the club.. The guys were going wild. The were waiting in line to talk to this girl. I think it's her charm.. or the fact that she is soooo nice to everybody. Then she wants pizza, so we go get her some pizza. After a million more guys talk to her these other 2 guys decide to walk to the car with us.. And I'm like.. Man we cool.. We are going home, and she continued to be nice.. So they continued to follow.. Next thing I'm sitting in my car listening to some vybz and dude decides he is going to sit in my car and start touching my stereo.. Ok so I soooooo wasn't having that at this point... I was ready to go home and I wanted to hear what I wanted to hear.. And dude started actin stupid.. So I was pushing him out of my car.. And he was trying to keep playin with the stereo.. I was like Mothafukka... get out of my car.. And Drea.. I'M READY TO GO. So we get in the car and head home.. I ended up staying at her house because she lives right down the road from my work..

The moral to my long ass rant.. With poor punctuation and no paragraph breaks... Is.. Sometimes people have to learn when to stop being so nice to everybody. If people are waiting in line to holla at you.. you are being too nice.. Maybe it's just my mentality.. But I don't want to give anybody the opportunity to take advantage of my kindness. I only share it with my close friends.


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